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  • Push To Walk: Sprint's iDEN service set to pass away on June 30th

Push To Walk: Sprint's iDEN service set to pass away on June 30th

Posted: , by Alan F.

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Push To Walk: Sprint's iDEN service set to pass away on June 30th
Over a year ago, Sprint said that it could close down it's iDEN push-to-talk network on June 30th. Sure enough, a little more than a year later the carrier says that it will pull the plug on iDEN at 12:01 am June 30th. That means the final full day of service will be June 29th and on that day Sprint will be busy trying to get iDEN customers moved over to its Direct Connect service. According to the carrier, Direct Connect has three times the service area that iDEN has.

Sprint says that it will recycle all of the equipment that it can't use once it turns the power off on the iDEN network. That amounts to more than 100 million pounds of equipment that Sprint will be saving from the landfills by recycling things like batteries, radios, cables, executives and concrete shelters. The latter will be used to make a composite for roads and bridges. Locations with CDMA and LTE equipment will be left untouched except for iDEN equipment.

On June 30th, Sprint will start shutting down switch locations in rapid succession followed by the powering down of equipment and the elimination of back haul at each cell site. Bob Azzi, Sprint senior vice president-Network is telling all current iDEN subscribers to migrate to Direct Connect now before they lose service. The new service offers 3G broadband capabilities and International Direct Connect offers service all the way to Latin America.

"Sprint Direct Connect is a gold standard in push-to-talk. It comes with the broadband capabilities that businesses and public safety pros need for business applications and social media capabilities on Sprint’s broadband CDMA network."-Bob Azzi, Senior Vice President-Network, Sprint

source: Sprint

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posted on 05 Jun 2013, 22:32 1

1. PhoneAddiction (Posts: 79; Member since: 07 Nov 2012)


posted on 05 Jun 2013, 23:12

2. PAPINYC (banned) (Posts: 2315; Member since: 30 Jul 2011)

More like 'Push to Grave' like it's coverage, if you ask me.

posted on 05 Jun 2013, 23:44 2

3. wumberpeb (Posts: 453; Member since: 14 Mar 2011)

it's been fun Nextel... but your time is done. Leave us your frequencies and let us spin that into enhanced 4G LTE building penetration and increase coverage

posted on 05 Jun 2013, 23:57 1

4. DnB925Art (Posts: 1060; Member since: 23 May 2013)

Now they can start using iDen's spectrum and make Sprint better

posted on 06 Jun 2013, 00:37 1

5. fjftokyo (Posts: 65; Member since: 06 Jun 2013)

No more churps no more ghetto people letting us know about their personal life on speaker phone

posted on 06 Jun 2013, 08:17

7. max9777 (Posts: 78; Member since: 11 Dec 2011)

Uhm, your wrong here, Sprint has Direct Connect, which is pretty much the same thing!!! The only thing is, it does not operate on IDEN network.

posted on 06 Jun 2013, 22:22

9. lsutigers (Posts: 821; Member since: 08 Mar 2009)

An it has nothing to do with ghetto people. Many large and small companies run their business on Direct Connect.

posted on 07 Jun 2013, 10:26

10. DonkeySauce (Posts: 194; Member since: 03 Dec 2011)

It barely operates on the CDMA network :(

posted on 06 Jun 2013, 03:40 1

6. TruPatriot (Posts: 110; Member since: 27 May 2013)

800mhz LTE can't get here fast enough. You're only like 2 years behind, Sprint.

posted on 06 Jun 2013, 08:18 1

8. max9777 (Posts: 78; Member since: 11 Dec 2011)

I agree with you, hopefully this SoftBank merger will be successful and help Sprint establish it's LTE network on 800mhz faster!

posted on 07 Jun 2013, 16:47

11. max9777 (Posts: 78; Member since: 11 Dec 2011)

Well I never said Ghetto people used it. I used to work for sprint and I only had DC sales on large businesses. i think fjftokyo meant ghetto as in kids in HS using DC as the new fab to be cool. Thats about as far i can remember this being a nuisance.

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