Prolonged use of cell phone may lead to a "cell phone elbow"

Prolonged use of cell phone may lead to a "cell phone elbow"
Sure there are tons of physical ailments directly linked to cell phone use. From carpal tunnel syndrome to radiation exposure, it looks like cell phones can be found as the culprit. Now there's another ailment, the “cell phone elbow” that was coined by Dr. Peter Evans who is the director of the Hand and Upper Extremity Center at Cleveland Clinic. The symptoms include the fingers going to sleep and pain in the elbow when placing your arm in a flex position during a phone call. More specifically it is called cubital tunnel syndrome or the compression of the ulna nerve at the elbow. Prolonged chatting on a cell phone can lead to tingling in the middle and ring fingers; with very sharp pain in the elbow. But wait, the article points to a variety of solutions to avoid the “cell phone elbow” problem. You can either switch hands or just use a headset to relieve the pain. It's a simple answer to the problem. In some rare situations, surgery may be required if the pain persists.

source: ABC News via Textually


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