"Project Emerald" floating around T-Mobile's future?

"Project Emerald" floating around T-Mobile's future?
The shiny green luster of a an emerald jewel somehow has some kind of ties with T-Mobile's future. There are some grumblings floating around that hint to the notion that this so-called “Project Emerald” has something to do with the fourth largest wireless carrier in the country and something big on the horizon. One of TmoNew's trusted sources has uncovered information hinting that a potential “super-phone,” something along the lines of a “new Nexus One-like device,” is somewhere in the pipelines of T-Mobile's grasp. There are plenty of devices that come in mind, but they allege that it could be some kind of HTC Android device; much like the HTC Desire or EVO 4G. This isn't the first time we heard such interesting code names being used in the past by T-Mobile, such as Project Dark, but the green nature associated with “Project Emerald” does conjure up something big that could land T-Mobile lots of money. Whatever this turns out to be, it'll surely be interesting to see what future high-end offering will come to fruition out of all this.

source: TmoNews
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