Prison Architect mobile game soft-launched on Android and iOS


As the name suggests, Prison Architect is a game that allows players to build and manage a maximum security prison. Originally launched on PC back in 2015, Prison Architect will soon make its debut on mobile platforms.

Winner of the BAFTA 2016 award in the “Best Persistent Game” category, Prison Architect is has been recently soft-launched in the Netherlands on both the Android and iOS platforms.

The game includes an Architect Mode that allows players to build a prison and manage different prisoner types, inmate needs, as well as the jail's budget.

There's also a Campaign Mode that provides players with information on various prison-building techniques. You'll also learn how's the life behind bars through a series of cutscenes and objectives.

The game is being developed by the same studio that launched the PC version, Introversion Software, and is free to download on the App Store and Google Play.

According to developers, the tablet version of Prison Architect will come with enough necessities to get players started, but additional story-driven campaign chapters and more features will be available as premium content.

No ETA for the release of Prison Architect has been given yet, but testing might take up to several weeks, so unless you live in the Netherlands, you'll probably have to wait for a while until the game pops up in your country.

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