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Pre to support iTunes syncing

Pre to support iTunes syncing
We have to admit, we didn't see this one coming.  After promising never-before-speculated features Palm delivered at the first day of D7, revealing that the Pre will not only be capable of syncing with iTunes (provided its not DRM content), but that iTunes will actually recognize it as an Apple device!  This may very well be a key piece of dethroning the iPhone; for as many flaws as it has the seamless syncing capabilities is one of the major selling points of Apple's hardware.  With an advanced OS, and now iTunes support, the Pre looks to keep swinging and hitting it out of the park, much to the chagrin of Apple.  Palm went on to say that they don't forsee future iTunes updates breaking this compatibility.

The interview also produces some other interesting tidbits.  At launch there will only be a handful of apps through the App Catalog, though personally we'd expect to see that number grow rather quickly.  Palm admitted that it has made SDK access scarse in order to keep the quality high, and while it has hundreds of developers on board now they also have thousands of applications queued.  They also confirmed that they are at full production and delivering shipments to Sprint daily, but that they still expect demand to outpace supply.  With the launch just over a week away we wonder who will be first in line.

source: All Things D
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