Pre-paid carrier GoSmart Mobile adds $30 unlimited talk, text and data tier

Pre-paid carrier GoSmart Mobile adds $30 unlimited talk, text and data tier
Starting today, $30 a month can buy you unlimited talk, text and data from GoSmart Mobile. The pre-paid carrier will give you 1GB of 3G data and once that is used up, your data speed is throttled to 2G except for one important connection. All of the tiers offered by GoSmart Mobile include 4G LTE access to Facebook.

The cheapest tier cost $25 a month and includes unlimited talk and text plus the 4G LTE Facebook connection. The $35, $40 and $45 tiers all come with unlimited talk, text and data. The $35 plan gives you 2.5GB of 3G data before you are throttled to 2G speeds. The $40 and $45 plans come with 5GB and 10GB of 3G data respectively. Once that data is consumed, users are throttled to 2G speeds.

GoSmart says "all monthly prices are as-advertised (without any hidden fees or auto-pay requirements), and come without any ridiculous strings attached." And if that sounds a lot like something T-Mobile would say, it turns out that GoSmart is a T-Mobile MVNO. That means that GoSmart subscribers are using the T-Mobile pipeline.

If Facebook is your passion and you don't mind a 3G or 2G data speed for your other connections, you might be able to save some big bucks with GoSmart Mobile. To check them out, click on the sourcelink.

source: GoMobile via AndroidAuthority


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