Pong cases redirect radiation emitted by iPhone & BlackBerries

Pong cases redirect radiation emitted by iPhone & BlackBerries
Not only are the mobile phones taking precedence at the floor of CES, but accessories are getting some attention as well – especially when they aim to deflect some of the nasty radiation away from phones. Quickly glancing at either the iPhone or BlackBerry cases from Pong, you’d gather it wouldn’t be anything special that hasn’t been seen before to protect its contents. In actuality, Pong’s cases supposedly redirect all cell phone radiation away from the user’s head – thus reducing the exposure. It’s been stated that up to 60% of the radiation emitted gets deflected and has been verified by FCC-certified laboratories. Pong says that it works by using the principles of antenna theory and physics to channel the emitted radiation up and away from the phone. Not only is full signal strength maintained, but battery life won’t be compromised. Cases for the BlackBerry Curve 8300, 8310, 8320, and 8330 are available for $49.95 while no pricing has been revealed for the iPhone. So if you’re concerned about the negative effects of  cell phone radiation, then be ready to get this on your handset.

via BlackBerry Cool & ubergizmo


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