Poll results: would you buy a device like Google Home?

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Back at Google I/O earlier this year, the company announced a new product — a smart box, competitor to Amazon's Echo. Called Google Home, it's basically Google's assistant (the one you can use through the Allo app) put in your living room, listening for your commands, search queries, and smart home control requests. Just like Google Now, it can give you information on your agenda for the day, trips, weather, et cetera.

While there's no confirmation that it would be launched at the October 4 event, it still should hit the market sooner or later. But we have to wonder — how does everybody feel about a Google bot in their home, constantly listening in "for commands"? Is having such a machine in the confines of your own home a bit too much, considering its usefulness?

Of those who voted, more than 65% are interested in giving Google Home a go, 20% see no use for it, and the rest are a bit concerned about having a Google box in their home constantly listening in. Hey, it's a post-Snowden world!

Would you buy a device like Google Home?

Nope, I don't see the use for it
No, for privacy concerns
Sure, I'd give it a go!

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