Poll results: Would you rather have a thicker iPhone 6 with a larger battery?


At the beginning of the week, we thought it's a good idea to include you onto a conundrum of ours -- is the thinness of the new iPhone 6 worth the sacrifices in battery size? We weren't sure -- after all, the iPhone 5s, at 0.3 in (7.6 mm), was plenty slim and slick, and if Apple stuck to that thickness or similar, it would have had the opportunity to embed a larger cell than the 1810 mAh unit available with the new 4.7-inch iPhone, especially since it is much larger than the 5s. But perhaps most importantly, despite providing a very decent battery life relative to the total mAh capacity, the iPhone 6 still ranked rather poorly when compared with the latest flagships from the Android realm.

As it turns out, the overwhelming majority of you (87.93%) agree that a larger cell is more than enough justification for Apple to keep away from the scalpel. In comparison, just a little over 12% of you though that the new thinness is justified, as the iPhone 6 provides you with sufficient endurance anyway. See for yourself.

Anybody surprised?

Poll: Would you rather have a thicker iPhone with a larger battery?

I'd sacrifice thinness for a larger battery in a heartbeat
It's fine -- battery life may not be record-setting, but it's plenty enough for me

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