Poll results: Is Samsung's dominion over the smartphone market coming to an end?

IDC: Smartphone Vendor Market Share 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011 Chart

On Monday, we showed you the chart above and told you to pay attention to the light green line and its trajectory. A quick glance at the legend will reveal that it is Samsung's market share it is representing, and its piece of the pie has gone down significantly over the last few quarters – close to 10%, or a little less than a third its total sales. 

As you can imagine, that's not just your typical fluctuation in the market, and all the evidence suggests that Samsung is genuinely worried – we know that it'll be slashing about 30% of its existing products in order to better focus on fewer devices, and it is also banking on tech that it considers hard to mimic, like advanced display solutions. It's likely that the company is also up to something else entirely that we don't know about. Which is why we asked you, does that thin line indicate the beginning of the end of Samsung's dominion in the smartphone market? Or can the company bounce back and reclaim whatever ground it lost?

You were fairly unequivocal – 52% of you voted that yes, Samsung won't be able to recuperate its losses. On the other end of the spectrum, 30.11% of you are far more optimistic, and think that the electronics giant can fight back and win back what it lost. And the final 17.89%? They're not entirely sure.

Is Samsung's dominion over the smartphone market coming to an end?

I'm not sure


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