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Poll: What do you look most for in a smartphone?

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Poll: What do you look most for in a smartphone?
Decisions, decisions. When it comes to finally picking up a smartphone, there are so many of those to be made, that it's often an overwhelming process. The slightest variation in sometimes a seemingly unimportant detail can make the difference between one phone or another, as small as these may be, our tolerance for them differs greatly. Some of us just have to have the latest, most awesome camera. Others are on the go day-in and day-out, so they need as beefy a battery a manufacturer can possibly fit in a compact body. And some of us are simply suckers for fancy, bespoke designs, or simply need to have a purple phone. 

The question we have for you today is not for the faint-hearted. It truly is hard to single out the one most important component out of the package that smartphones are, so you'll have to really search your soul. Several of the components listed below would be tightly grouped for some of you, so we'll try and make it easy for you. Consider our poll today in this context: granted that all other things are equal, what do you look most for in a smartphone?

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