Poll: Are you getting the Nexus 6?


When Google announced the Nexus 6, a lot of people were a tad confused. A 6-inch behemoth? Quite the departure from the conservative, 4.7-inch Nexus 4 and 5-inch Nexus 5. And what is up with the price? $649 is almost twice what we were asked to pay for the aforementioned two predecessors. 

Sure, the Nexus 6 is a pretty large device – it's larger than most anything on the market that we call a smartphone – but there's certainly a growing market for big-screened devices. In fact, even Apple felt compelled to abandon its own philosophy of making one hand-friendly devices with the iPhone 6 Plus, so that must be true enough. And as for the price, the truth is that we had two years of what was essentially a heavily-subsidized Nexus devices and to expect that this practice would continue indefinitely was obviously wishful thinking. After all, looked at historically, the Nexus line is certainly more about normally-priced devices than ones sold at dirt-cheap prices.

Regardless, the two above are still very good reasons that people will use to skip on the Nexus 6. But what about you? Are you, despite these valid concerns, going to pick it up? Or do you already have it on your person or are waiting for its arrival? Speak up!

Are you getting the Nexus 6?

I've already got it / It's on its way to my doorstep
I'll be picking it up by the end of the year
Nope, I won't be picking it up

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