Poll: Android customization – how far do you go?

Poll: Android customization – how far do you go?
"Beauty of Android" – if there's one phrase the Android faithful among our readers are fond of, it is that one. And it usually follows a piece or a confirmation of the operating system's open-ended nature that allows its users to pretty much do as they please – at least so long as they're ready to roll up their sleeves and do the work. 

But not everybody is as waist-deep as some of us when it comes to making Android look and feel exactly like we want it. Some, for example, are content with just having the option to occasionally spice things up by switching their wallpaper and ringtone, while others opt for a third-party launcher that does that and much more without requiring much manual work. The last group includes the heavyweights in personalization among us – those who like having control over as many elements of the UI as possible and do not shy away from modding their devices to get what they want.

Which group do you feel you belong to? 

Poll: Android customization – how far do you go?

A wallpaper switch here, a ringtone substitution there, but no further
As far as my fancy, third-party launcher would allow me
Icon packs, walls, ringtones, fonts, lockscreen replacement apps – the whole shebang

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