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Playing Hide and Seek with the Palm Pre

Playing Hide and Seek with the Palm Pre
We know all of the wonderful things that the Palm Pre can do. One thing that we are just finding out now is that the device makes a great spy. Without consent from Pre owners, the handset is sending back to Palm information such as the apps you have purchased, which apps have stopped working, and in the worst case, it is sending back your whereabouts to the manufacturer.

In response, the maker of the Pre issued a comment saying, "Palm takes privacy very seriously, and offers users ways to turn datacollecting services on and off. Our privacy policy is like manypolicies in the industry and includes very detailed language aboutpotential scenarios in which we might use a customer's information, alltoward a goal of offering a great user experience. For instance, whenlocation based services are used, we collect their information to givethem relevant local results in Google Maps. We appreciate the trustthat users give us with their information, and have no intention toviolate that trust." Ok, Palm, now that you are telling us to trust you, tell us again how to disable the tracking mechanism on the phone? We...ahem...seemed to have missed your instructions the first time you told us.

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