Play mobile games, win a live cow - this is how they roll in Tunisia!

Up 'till this moment, we didn't know anything about the mobile gaming scene in Tunisia, but we couldn't possibly get a better introduction than that. At best, gamers of the West get awarded artificial diamonds and credits for playing. Meh! In Tunisia, Africa's northernmost country, you get livestock.

After topping the ranks in a locally-developed mobile game named "Bagra" (hint – it means cow), a couple won the grand prize – a real-life actual cow by the name of Pamela. Before they hoisted her on a delivery truck, Pamela spent two weeks at the game developers' headquarters just hanging around and doing, you know, cow things. She's now on her way to the new human masters as a second cow named Brigitte (Tunisians seem to have a thing for honoring old-timey movie stars by naming cattle after them...) is to be given away to Bagra's next champions. Winners can choose to have Brigitte "as is," donate her to charity, or butcher her for steaks.

Bagra itself is a strategy game about herding cows (you would have never guessed...) and protecting them from competing players as you increase your herd's numbers by hunting and poaching. The game features in-app purchases that boost players' cattle herding game, paid for in Tunisian dinar currency which supposedly helps the national economy. The game is developed by Tunisia's first-ever video game company, Digital Mania, which has ambitious plans for expansion that include VR experiences. You can have a look at the Bagra game itself here (Google Play link), although we're not sure you can download it outside of Tunisia.

If all of what you read so far sounds a bit surreal and far-out to you, watch the video below to become a believer. Pamela is adorable, no?

source: Tuniscope via BBC



1. ibend

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wait.. what? @_@

3. Podrick

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4. emmawilliam834

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win a cow is prize or punishment ?? LOL

5. SuperAndroid507

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An example to their western peers, for the money people spend on micro transactions, some games should reward you with something more useful than coins, gems or that kinda stuff.

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