Plastic Samsung Galaxy S II fares better than glass Apple iPhone 4S in drop test

Plastic Samsung Galaxy S II fares better than glass Apple iPhone 4S in drop test
It seems such a waste of a perfectly good smartphone to perform a drop test. Fans of the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Apple iPhone 4S will cringe when they view this video, but consider it a public service by those who performed the test. And while the results come out more or less as expected, it might be worth it to watch the video if it scares you into purchasing a case that might save your phone from damage next time it falls from your hand.

First up is the Apple iPhone 4S, and before the device was dropped, Siri was asked if it was afraid of falling. "I'm afraid I can't answer that." was the response. But perhaps Apple's new voice recognition system should have been afraid because the first waist high drop of the phone onto the pavement resulted in some cracked glass on the back of the phone. After the third drop, which was a face down fall from shoulder height, the Apple iPhone 4S front screen was shattered beyond use. The Samsung Galaxy S II was put through the same exact three tests an ended up with just a few scratches and no damage to the screen.

The result of the tests, performed by third party warranty company Squaretrade, really should not surprise anyone who knows that glass is easier to break than plastic. Regardless of which phone you use, if you have a propensity to drop the handset often, you should certainly invest in a case and possibly spend the extra dollars for insurance.

source: YouTube via AndroidCentral

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