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Late last year, Bluetooth headset maker Plantronics released its BackBeat Pro 2 headphones to compete against the growing number of premium over-the-ear styled headphones infiltrating the market. Now, they're taking the same recipe they approached with the BackBeat Pro 2, into its latest business-grade headset aimed at professionals who are constantly chattering away on the phone. Enter the Plantronics Voyager 8200 UC, which looks as good as it sounds!

Of course, the Voyager 8200 UC shares the same over-the-ear design of the BackBeat Pro 2, offering comfort during prolong usage. It shares the same premium design qualities as its sibling, evident in the soft and plush cushioning around the head band and ear cups. There's definitely a stylish aspect with the design, which is uncharacteristic when you think about business-grade headsets – so it's a departure we gladly accept.

While it certainly shares the same aesthetics as the BackBeat Pro 2, it has different features that really focuses on the professional who's constantly talking away during long periods of time. For starters, the active noise-cancellation of the headset is broken up into two levels – offering even more isolation when you need to drown out the ambient noise around you. Secondly, it packs dual-paired omni-directional microphones that work in tandem to provide the same level of voice quality with a traditional boom mic via beam-forming. And lastly, it comes packaged with a BT600 USB Bluetooth adapter, allowing you to pair it with any Mac or PC. 

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This marks a radical shift for Plantronics, seeing that the Voyager line has long featured designs that largely isolated their use in office settings. With the introduction of the Voyager 8200 UC, though, it perfectly bridges the gap by allowing them to use it in everyday situations – beyond the typical phone call at the office. Add to that, it features the same level of versatility seen in the BackBeat Pro 2, much like its OpenMic technology to amplify ambient noise, the option to use the wired connection, integrated controls, and built-in NFC for quick setup.

In terms of price, it's definitely up there with its MSRP of $379.95. However, given its ability to also cater to the business professional, while offering nearly the same contemporary experience as its sibling in the BackBeat Pro 2, the pricing therefore might be more than justified for some. Clearly, it's not your typical looking business-centric headset, which is something we love about this one!

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