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Can you DJ with the Pixel 4? Google spins the Motion Sense record


Can you guess why Google is going with a giant top bezel on the Pixel 4, in these times when the Note 10 is the most compact large-screen phone in our database precisely on account of the sawed-off strip there? You guessed it, the reason is not the 3D face-scanning kit, although there is one, but rather the radar-based gesture navigation set that Google now calls Motion Sense.

Google lists the Motion Sense abilities on the Pixel 4 as "skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls, just by waving your hand." Not for nothing, but those are the things that LG does on the G8 ThinQ just with the front camera kit, no fancy miniaturized radars, no bezelicious sprawling at the top.

The team from Mountain View, however, begs to differ, as it stresses on the ability to recognize even minute hand movements, and that the whole shebang doesn't need well-lit spaces to work, as the radar bounces radar waves off your hands. 

As if to prove that last point, it created a Motion Sense promo video that features a custom DJ rig made from eight Google Pixel 4 handsets elevated "for a special performance on a Las Vegas rooftop" at night time. 

The phones, and a few million LED lights, had DJ Felo swap tracks and samples by simply waving over the Pixels, in sync with singer Karol G’s performing her new "Tusa" track. Watch and learn how modern DJ-ing is done.

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