Physics puzzler Megamassive makes it to the iPad, goes HD

Physics puzzler Megamassive makes it to the iPad, goes HD
Megamassive - a previously iPhone-only game, has made it to the iPad. Thus, from now on the game will be known as Megamassive HD. The physics puzzler won't puzzle you with complicated formulas and drawings, but will make you do all sorts of sliding, flying, bouncing, and shifting between the three states of substance on your way to the end destination. Which, we kid you not, happens to be a black hole.

Although you might be wondering what kind of business one might have inside a cosmic monstrosity that devours matter, your character in Megamassive HD is something that looks like a rock with eyes, and feeds on stars. This peculiar eating habit makes us think that the character, whatever his species, will feel right at home in there.

According to its maker, Vesa Kippola, the $2.99 game features over 50 unique hand-drawn levels to explore, and timed challenges to keep you busy with breaking records. So if you want to have some harmless star-eating-physics fun, head to the link below.

Download: iOS

via: 148apps



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