Phones with Flappy Bird installed are now luxury items on eBay

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Flappy Bird might be dead in itstracks, but the Internet will make sure it gets the last laugh. Some smartphone owners arelooking to capitalize on the rare few who are yet to play theinfamous game, but will never be able to(unless they get the free .ipa or .apk file off the web). FlappyBird-loaded handsets have shown up for sale on eBay, priced asluxury items.

At the time of writing, a 16GB iPhone 5with Flappy Bird pre-installed, which started at $750, is now worth amind-boggling $99,000. Unsurprisingly, most of the sum isartificially inflated with old-fashioned exploits, as one can tell bythe bid history. Apparently, on the road to madness, someone bid, andlater retracted an awe-inspiring $400,000! The once-free Flappy Birdhas now become a game not for those from the 1%, but for those fromthe 0.1%!

Frankly, we aren't sure what else suchan obscene amount of cash can get you on eBay. Also, hold on to yourseat, because we're only at the tip of this iceberg.Another iPhone, located in Italy, is currently worth an unimaginable$163,428! And another one out there falls just $13,428 short of thatsum.

In case you've let go, hang on eventighter. We find an iPhone that's worth $544,758. We'll take two! Butno, at this point, the sensible thing to do is to stop and quietlyrethink life thorough. Yet, we just had to keep on going.Further down the eBay listings, we discover a wide range of FlappyiPhones worth between $4000 and $70 000 (the $4000 one stands out asa killer deal in these circumstances), before Android phones start showing up, at comparatively modest prices.

A silver 32GB HTC One on Sprint withFlappy Bird installed can be bought for a healthy $4900. A 32GB Nexus5 with a "genuine copy of Flappy Bird" on-board can be hadfor $3000 + $45 postage. Same goes for the James Bond-touted XperiaT, although shipping from Croatia will run you only $14. A black 32GBGalaxy Note 3 on Verizon with Flappy Bird will cost $3400,if you buy it now. And a water-resistant Galaxy S4 Active on AT&Tis priced in the lower iPhone ballpark, at $4825.

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If we thread further down the eBaylistings, we'll be caught in an endless loop of phones, over-pricedto ensure the Flappy Bird madness won't end anytime soon.

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