PhoneSoap gives your germy smartphone a clean bath while charging it simultaneously

PhoneSoap gives your germy smartphone a clean bath while charging it simultaneously
As much as we all dearly love our smartphones for their superior functionality in helping us in our daily lives, we sometimes forget that they harbor some nasty germs that can end up affecting us in some way. Although we can scoff at devices that appear greasy, even pristine clean ones can still carry along some hidden baddies that can get you sick.

Well, if you’re the type of person that’s particular about having a clean phone, you ought to check out this cool accessory called the PhoneSoap. At its core, it aims to “start a clean phone revolution” that will literally give your device a clean bath, while charging it simultaneously. Sounds pretty neat, right?

Interestingly enough, the PhoneSoap is currently a KickStarter project that relies on good old UV-C light to kill off any of those germs taking a vacation on your device. Essentially, UV-C is a kind of ultraviolet light that’s capable of penetrating the cell walls of bacteria, thus, eventually obliterating those microscopic baddies before they can do any damage to you. Once your device is placed into the PhoneSoap, UV-C light shines on both sides for approximately 3 to 5 minutes, so it won’t run the risk of damaging the phone. Also, the PhoneSoap offers an Apple dock connector or microUSB cable to simultaneously charge the handset.

As it currently stands, the PhoneSoap project has accumulated a little over $13,000, but it needs to blast through the $18,000 mark within the next 20 days before this baby can have a shot at being a real thing for consumers.

source: KickStarter via Mashable & Textually

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