Phone number 0888 888 888 suspended after 3 people who used it have died

Phone number 0888 888 888 suspended after 3 people who used it have died
Call it superstitious or bad luck, but there is one obvious reality that comes along owning the mobile phone number 0888 888 888 – death. That's exactly the end result for every individual who was assigned the number over the course of the last ten years as some of their deaths were the result of a terminal illness and murders. First issued to the former Bulgarian CEO of the wireless carrier Mobitel, Vladimir Grashnov, he eventually succumbed to cancer at the age of 48 back in 2001. It was said to be a rumor that a business rival caused his cancer as they somehow used radioactive poison to trigger the illness. From there the number was passed on to Konstantim Dimitrov, a Bulgarian mafia boss, who was murdered by an assassin in the Netherlands as he was fatally shot back in 2003. The mafia boss, who was 31 back then, was visiting the country to watch over and inspect his £500 million drug smuggling empire. Finally it eventually ended up with Konstantin Dishliev, a crooked businessman, who was also gunned down outside an Indian restaurant as he was discretely running a cocaine trafficking ring. After the third death in the course of the last 10 years, the phone number has been suspended for good and callers are greeted to a message saying that the phone is “outside network coverage.” Two of the deaths were drug smuggling related – which obviously can get you into some serious trouble not only with the law, but angry rivals who want you out as well. Is it just coincidence that the phone number is associated with untimely deaths?

source: The Telegraph via Textually

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