Peek app brings the subtle notification system of custom ROMs to any Android KitKat phone

Peek app brings the subtle notification system of custom ROMs to any Android KitKat phone
Rejoice, you poor unrooted souls with stock manufacturer ROMs, as one of the best features in the ParanoidAndroid line of custom ROMs is arriving to any handset with Android 4.4... and above, of course. The hip notification solution from Paranoid has been wrapped in an app form, and posted at the Play Store, named Peek. Granted, it will cost you four bucks and change, but it will approximate the always-on notification experience you get with phones like the Moto X, which have dedicated low-power hardware for the task.

In a nutshell, Peek probes the motion sensors in your phone when you get a notification, so that the handset can turn the screen on, and display them when you pick it up from the desk, or take it out of your pocket. The sensors are activated for ten seconds only, so that using Peek won't affect your battery life, and in the newest version you can also blacklist apps you don't want to activate Peek. 

The active notification is then displayed on the lock screen when you pick up the phone, and you can either dismiss it, slide down its icon for a quick read, or slide left to activate the originating app. Watch Peek in action in the video below, and head to the source link to download it, if it has piqued your interest.

Developer: Francisco FrancoDownload: Android (v1.76)
Category: ToolsPrice: $4.09


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