Paying too much for cellular service? How to save hundreds of dollars on Your wireless bill

Paying too much for cellular service? How to save hundreds of dollars on Your wireless bill
Sponsored article, a company started by students from Yale and George Washington Universities, just launched a new tool called the “Savings Calculator.” Designed to help users filter and compare the dizzying number of wireless plans available in the US and find the one that both meets their usage needs and results in the greatest savings, it is a simple yet brilliant idea. Users enter some basic information about their monthly usage and current wireless costs, and the calculator instantly searches and displays a list of cheaper contract-free plans that meet the users’ usage needs. The calculator tells you everything you need to know, from exactly how much you would save per month by switching to a cheaper plan to each plan’s fine print, advantages, and limitations. And the service is entirely free with no strings attached. Go over to and check out the Savings calculator for yourself. It only takes two minutes, and you’ll be a little richer for it.



2. MyCellWorks unregistered

Wow.. That page sucks. It doesn't take into account how much data you use, how many text messages you send, and it wants a cost per line. It should ask for total cost and how many lines. Although it can essentially work out to be the same, it could look into family programs. It recommended TMobile, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, etc... Like it was said above, I pay for coverage and I'm ok paying more than the next guy as long as my phone works. I have AT&T and it drops more calls with more bars like advertised, but my Verizon phone just works 98% of the time. Sure 1 time out of a hundred I get fast internet from AT&T, but Verizon is constant at around 800k-1000k. (I realize that could be simplified, but chose not to for similar reference.)

3. BaiGanyo

Posts: 308; Member since: Feb 07, 2011

So why were you looking at the page if you are so happy with how things are for you? You thought it was going to tell you about some magical carrier you've never heard of that is almost free and never drops a call? Grow up.

4. macuser11 unregistered

another option- you could leave him alone and let him look at what he wants. If he had an interest in looking at the website just to see what it is like, he can

5. mak unregistered

Well the software tells you what options are available! Prepaid and contract free services almost never have family plans. I for one moved from Verizon to mysimplemobile. OF course Verizon has the best coverage but i dont want to "rule the air" as ridiculous as it sounds. I have a dell venue pro with unlimited everything for $60. I dont care if phone doesnt work in the friggin basement. My wife and my self save over $100 monthly now and we love it. I think the software is great for people who want to see what alternatives are available if they dont want to sign their life away for 2 years and pay ridiculous amounts every month

1. msa1988

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All the savings lead you to Cricket and Virgin Mobile phones. I'd rather pay more than downgrade to a crap service...

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