Patent showcases a potential Surface Duo 3 with a foldable display

Patent showcases a potential Surface Duo 3 with a foldable display
Fall seems to be a busy time for America’s tech giants. We already saw Apple unveil its iPhone 14 lineup, and we are now looking forward to Google and Meta’s upcoming events, both scheduled for October.

But there is one company that seems to have fallen under the radar as of late, at least when it comes to its smartphones. Microsoft is preparing for an October event of its own, where it plans to announce its new Surface Pro 9. One thing that will not be unveiled at the event, however, is a Surface Duo 3.

The company’s novel double-display smartphone has not been in a good spot for quite some time. Its price has fallen considerably, it has been out of stock on Microsoft’s official website and many even expected the discontinuation of the Duo lineup as a whole.

As recently as last week, Microsoft put the aforementioned rumors to rest and reaffirmed its commitment to both the Duo and its form factor - potentially through the adoption of foldable display technology.

Now, a new patent lends credibility to a potential future foldable Surface Duo 3. This information was first brought forward by Windows Latest in a dedicated article.

The patent showcases a foldable with a 360 degree rotating hinge. This design decision enables the device to fold outwards, as well as inwards and opens the way for many interesting possibilities.

For example, the need for a dedicated cover screen is virtually eliminated. By folding the device outwards, users will be able to use half of the foldable display as a conventional smartphone.

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The patent by Microsoft is essentially a unique blend between the Galaxy Z Fold and the Huawei Mate Xs series. Even as a foldable, the Surface Duo 3, assuming it ends up adopting the technology in this patent, might be one of a kind.

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