Parrot lifts cover off Jumping Sumo: remote-controlled jumping toy rover


Parrot has more than just flying machines like the MiniDrone at CES 2014 - it has also unveiled its new Jumping Sumo land rover that can also jump.

The Parrot Jumping Sumo - unlike the AR.Drone - is a ground-roaming non-flying machine. It features two large rubber wheels and a camera facing to the front acting as a viewfinder and video recorder. All that data-intensive video requires a solid connection, and that's why the MiniDrone uses Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth to hook up to its controller devices. An LED lighting adds an eye-like staring effect to the Jumping Sumo.

One awesome feature of the Jumping Sumo is its jumping availability, of course. This little guy can easily jump as high as 2.6 feet (around 80cm) whenever you have an obstacle in front of it or want to jump on a table. You can have a lot of fun with that, just check out the video below for a demonstration of how the Jumping Sumo gets the popcorn.

The Parrot Jumping Sumo can be controlled via both iOS and Android devices, and the release date is set at the vague, but hopeful "soon".

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source: Parrot

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