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Parody of Apple iPhone 5S announcement says the "S" stands for same

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Parody of Apple iPhone 5S announcement says the
By this time next week, the new Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C will have both been introduced. There will be promotional videos starring Apple CEO Tim Cook,  Senior VP, Design Jony Ive and less well-known members of the Apple iPhone team, explaining the reasoning that went into this decision and that decision. 

A parody of one of these promos was posted on YouTube and we have to admit that it is pretty funny. Even those currently waiting outside the 5th Avenue Apple Store in the <ahem> Big Apple, hoping to be among the first to own an iPhone 5S, would have to chuckle at the video. And check out some of the titles that some of these made-up employees are sporting.

So if you're in the need to release a laugh, a chuckle or a guffaw, or if this past week has you in the dumps, click on the video below and put a smile on your face. No need to thank us, it's part of our job description.

source: YouTube via Gizmodo

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