Pantech readies a Vega Iron 2 smartphone to take on Samsung's Galaxy S5

While Pantech launches smartphones in the US from time to time, its main focus remains its home country, South Korea, where the company is always behind Samsung and LG in terms of market share.

Like it did in 2013, when it released the Vega Iron Android smartphone to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S4, now Pantech is seemingly preparing the launch on another high-end handset, this time to take on the rumored Galaxy S5.

According to ZDNet Korea, the upcoming smartphone is called Pantech Vega Iron 2, obviously being the successor to last year’s model. Pantech intends to launch it in April, when the Galaxy S5 is also expected to be released. Reportedly, the new Vega Iron 2 will have a metal body and a fingerprint scanner. Pantech is already using the latter feature on some of its Android handsets.

The original Vega Iron (pictured above) came with a 5-inch 720p display, so the Vega Iron 2 will probably have a similarly-sized screen. It remains to be seen if Pantech jumps on the Quad HD (1600 x 2560 pixels) bandwagon - it might do it, since it’s believed that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a Quad HD screen.

The Vega Iron 2 should be launched by Pantech via all three major Korean carriers. There is no word on international availability so far.

source: ZDNet (translated)



1. itsdeepak4u2000

Posts: 3718; Member since: Nov 03, 2012

Release it worldwide then only you'll take on Sammy. Right now Sammy is the beast. And I haven't seen any Vega Iron anywhere except Korea. BTW I like that thumbnail and is the best till now.

2. xperiaDROID

Posts: 5629; Member since: Mar 08, 2013

Pantech phones are awesome, please release your phones worldwide, Pantech.

5. Extradite

Posts: 316; Member since: Dec 30, 2013

That phone looks sexy.....

3. Teja171 unregistered

I never heard such a brand till date.

4. Just.Saying

Posts: 132; Member since: Apr 04, 2013

Hmmmmm, Doesn't samsung own a stake in Pantech ????? Last year samsung baught a 10% stake in that company for around $48M.

6. Florin.T

Posts: 316; Member since: Dec 16, 2013

Yes, Samsung bought a 10% stake in Pantech, but it said that it would "have no involvement in Pantech’s business management in any way or form."

7. Chris_Bakke

Posts: 246; Member since: Jan 23, 2013

So what is the point in buying shares in a national competitor?

10. Taters

Posts: 6474; Member since: Jan 28, 2013

Cover your bases.

13. Chris_Bakke

Posts: 246; Member since: Jan 23, 2013

Hadn't considered that. Very interesting.

8. Boybawang

Posts: 205; Member since: Jun 02, 2013

More interesting is that the biggest stake owner of Pantech is Qualcomm.

9. RandomUsername

Posts: 808; Member since: Oct 29, 2013

720p? It says 1080p in the original article...

11. GeekMovement unregistered

Awesome! I'm a big fan of the Pantech Vega Iron, I really wish it would come to international markets too. I'm sure there will be many interested in buying it!

12. MistB

Posts: 581; Member since: Jul 07, 2012

I can see the Iron 2 having an edge to edge display almost going to the sides, similar to what the Note 4 and LG G3 may have, a fully metal clad phone for the Iron 2, I'm guessing this screen size will be a 5.2/5.3 inch display, flagships grow every year and keep close to their competitors.

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