Palm's App Catalog to expand number of offerings?

Palm's App Catalog to expand number of offerings?
One of the shortcomings that has some cellphone buyers picking the iPhone 3GS over the Palm Pre is the latter's small selection of apps compared to the former's App Store. But Palm is looking to change that by asking those who have had early, official use of its Mojo SDK for webOS to start submitting their final version of the apps they have been working on.

Since the approval time from submission to inclusion in the App Catalog is unknown, we can only give you Pre owners a heads up to check out the online app store and see what new offerings are there. As we recently reported, Palm's online app store currently has 30 choices, all of them free. Add the submissions from those in Palm's "early access program" to the many who recently downloaded a leaked beta copy of the Mojo SDK, and we would expect that the number of offerings to expand sharply.

source: preThinking via EngadgetMobile

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