Palm Treo Pro to be manufactured by HTC?

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Palm Treo Pro to be manufactured by HTC?
A few years ago, HTC was not popular as it manufactured the phones, but distributed them under various other brands. Nowadays, it is trying to become one of the top dogs. However, it seems that it still doesn’t regret making phones for others, including its rivals. As the latest rumors claim, it is not only the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 but also the Palm Treo Pro that HTC will manufacture and sell under anоther brand. According to “sources at handset vendors”, Palm has chosen HTC over Inventec, which is its biggest ODM partner, for its experience in manufacturing Windows Mobile phones. That’s not a bad thing at all, and we are pleased with what HTC offers, after all, it’s the leader in this class.

Palm Treo Pro has the typical for Treo quadrangle display and QWERTY below it. It is a Windows Mobile 6.1 GSM smartphone with 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and is targeted as a business-only handset. Treo Pro is expected to be in stores starting next month.

Palm Treo Pro Specifications

source: digitimes via EngadgetMobile



1. unregistered

Are you trying to say that the Dare, Instinct, and Iphone use Windows Mobile, or that you just don't like touch screens? Saying that a touch screen on one phone sucks, and for that reason, you suggest that people don't buy touch screen phones from 3 completely different phone manufacturers? (LG - Dare, Samsung - Instinct, Apple - Iphone) By the way, it was more than just the touch screen that some people had problems with on the Touch.

2. unregistered

No wonder the new Palm looks good.

3. 0157h7 unregistered

This is nothing revolutionary. HTC has made Palm devices before, and it is not like Paml would have "made" the device themselves in the sense that we are talking about. The software is customized by Palm and Palm designs the phone as well as the internal parts. HTC just builds it. If HTC were not building them another company would because Palm does not do do it much like Apple.

4. jrcrow unregistered

Meh..HTC does a great details job, problem is they lean more toward asian fingers n keyboards..screens tend to be smaller which is what asian people dont care about..hence the att tilt..big keyboard and descent size screen

5. unregistered

Reading what you just said was ridiculous.

6. unregistered

all i'm waiting for is, hopefully it'll come to verizon. ( seems to be, which has a very slim chance)

7. unregistered

palm designed the case, button lay out, all that stuff. HTC designed the board. Its not the first time either. All palm phones w/ windows came through htc. I've had both a palm rep and an htc rep tell me this

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