Palm Pre 2 is siding with Verizon for its launch?

Palm Pre 2 is siding with Verizon for its launch?
With so much exciting things happening in the mobile sphere of late, Palm's once striking figure has been on the decline of late since their current selection of handsets have remained unchanged. However, things are slowly being set in motion after news regarding webOS 2.0 have been surfacing, and most recently, we've seen some images that are believed to be the Palm Pre 2 overseas.

Domestically, it looks as though Verizon will be the carrier this time around to receive the first crack at the alleged successor to the Palm Pre. This intriguing speculation came after an internal image of Verizon''s VZLearn portal has been leaked indicating the Palm Pre 2 in the device training. Though, there is no mention in the leaked image regarding an actual launch date or pricing. Nevertheless, things are once again slowly stirring up in Palm land after a long period of silence.

Palm Pre 2 Preliminary Specifications

source: Engadget

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