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Palm Pixi is throttled to the 806MHz mark

Posted: , by John V.

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Palm Pixi is throttled to the 806MHz mark
Palm Pixi is throttled to the 806MHz mark
Somewhat lost in things now that the Palm Pre 2 has arrived, but the Palm Pixi still has some surprises up its sleeves – despite its less than stellar specs in tow.

Just because you're regarded as the kid brother to the Palm Pre doesn't mean you can compete at the same level as the big boys – and that's exactly where we find the Palm Pixi. Thanks to a project that was started last October, the latest version of the UberKernel for the Palm Pixi enables the tiny handset to throttle itself to the speed of 806MHz. The substantial speed bump actually benefits more users than one would think over other webOS devices.

Though, you'll have to watch the settings to find that perfect sweet spot in getting the most out of your tweaks – so it won't melt the handset or kill battery dramatically. So if you have the itch in bulking up your Palm Pixi, you can check this process out for yourself.

via PreCentral

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