Palm & HP already in the works with a webOS powered tablet called Hurricane?

Palm & HP already in the works with a webOS powered tablet called Hurricane?
As HP and Palm continue to figure things out, it looks like one of the first things to develop out of the acquisition is a speculated webOS powered tablet. Even though the HP Slate was unveiled back during CES without much fanfare, the recent news about it getting axed raised an eye especially after HP's buyout of Palm went through. Now there are rumors according to an insider over at HP that a new webOS tablet, going by the code name HP Hurricane, is in the works right now and could see a launch some time during Q3 of this year – which isn't too far away from now. There is no denying that webOS is still a decent looking and viable platform that could see a major overhaul in the next few months as things look to steady over at Palm land. Without much hesitation, it'll be interesting to see how this will end up as we continue to see a steady stream of competition around the tablet market in the coming months. We'll see if there is some validity to these rumors as we wait and see how things turn out between Palm and HP.

source: The Examiner


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