Owner witnesses his Samsung Rogue explode in front of his eyes

Owner witnesses his Samsung Rogue explode in front of his eyes
By no means is this the first time we've heard about spontaneously combusting cell phones that somehow explode and can cause harm, but this latest one involving a Samsung Rogue clearly details what to expect. Apparently an owner accidentally found his phone stuck in between the seat of his Infiniti G35 Coupe and the center console where he attempted to retrieve it – with an unusual surprise awaiting him. As he attempted to uncover his handset by lifting the lever on his seat to move it slightly, the phone exploded in front of his eyes; literally! He quickly ran off to rinse out his eyes and came back to find one of his friends blown away at the condition of the handset after retrieving it. You can look at the photos yourself and judge the severity of the explosion as it's speculated that there was some kind of malfunction with the battery that led to the explosion once he slid the seat and crushed the battery. It's a bit scary to know that a phone like that could look all melted simply due to an explosion of the battery, but luckily it wasn't serious enough to cause any long term problems for the owner – just yet.

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source: Gizmodo

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