Ovi Store upgraded and new mobile client made available for S60 3rd and 5th editions

Ovi Store upgraded and new mobile client made available for S60 3rd and 5th editions
The next time you are trying to enter the Ovi Store on your Nokia device, don't be surprised if your phone asks you if you want to upgrade your client to v 1.07 (12). The new build allows for continuous scrolling of new pages. Instead of going through a page of apps and then loading the next page, the refreshed Ovi Store mimics the Android Market and simply lets you scroll down to the next page continuously. Now, when searching for a name, the client will look for a result with the name inside a string. For example, with the older build, if you were to search for Pepper, you would not  get Sergeant Pepper because the client would begin the search with the word "pepper". With the new build, the search will look for the word "pepper" even if there is another word before or after the word you are looking for. Also, labeling for categories has been made easier and is more obvious. The Ovi Store continues its use of channels to help find content. As an example, the Homepage Apps channel makes it easier to find widgets that can be installed on the N97's homepage as well as the homepage for the upcoming Nokia 6 and 8.

The new build also updates the Ovi Publish tool to improve the way content is tagged in the store. Mood tags have been added. These are adjectives that describe your app. For example, if you are offering content based on Harry Potter, you could use the word "Magical", or "Epic" or even "Dark". The main goal here is to lead Ovi Store users to developers' content. You can have the best content in the world, but if no one can find it, the app is worthless. Once your content is found, the display and presentation will be improved. In a future Ovi Store release, developers e-mail address and URL will be made available to buyers.

source: Nokia


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