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Over 5 billion people are expected to use cell phones in 2010

Posted: , posted by John V.

Over 5 billion people are expected to use cell phones in 2010
The advancements in cell phone technology have really paved the way for its exposure on a worldwide scale. It's heard that the ranks of cell phone subscribers will balloon to 5 billion people this year – which is mainly due to the growth of smartphones in developed nations and mobile services in poor nations; according to a UN Agency. Additionally the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) said that the number of mobile broadband subscriptions would go over 1 billion this year after obtaining the 600 million mark in 2009. Last year's number of 4.6 billion mobile subscribers may have set a new pinnacle, but the growth around emerging markets worldwide will aid to reach new levels. ITU's Secretary, General Hamadoun Toure, said in a statement at MWC that "I am confident that we will continue to see a rapid uptake in mobile cellular services in particular in 2010, with many more people using their phones to access the Internet." One of the biggest areas to reach new levels will be surrounding the availability of next generation data networks – there's no denying how it'll impact and set the standard on how we keep connected with one another.

source: Yahoo

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