Our Samsung Galaxy S6 edge battery life test shows flagship-worthy endurance


When you have a 5.1-inch display that curves to the sides whilst holding as many as 1440 x 2560 pixels (a massive 576 ppi), and only a 2,600 mAh cell to keep things moving along, you're allowed to be skeptical. And skeptical we were about the Galaxy S6 edge, at least in terms of battery life – seemingly the only unknown variable in the lengthy equation that is Samsung's latest flagship. Fortunately for you and us both, the electronics giant knows what it's doing.

We put the Galaxy S6 edge through our arduous battery life test that attempts to mimic the average person's usage patterns. The result? 8 hours and 11 minutes of battery life, and 83 minutes needed to charge from zero to full – an (ostensibly) excellent showing! Still, there's one caveat to this score that we have to mention, for it played a part in S6 edge's achievement. 

As some of you know, we always set the display brightness of the phones that go through our custom battery life test to 200 nits. This is done to ensure as close to an even playing field as possible. Unfortunately, in the case of the Galaxy S6 edge, we had to green light the test at 180 nits, as that's the highest brightness the display can reach when manually set. This gives the S6 edge a small... well, edge, over the competition that had to play by the rules. Still, even keeping that in mind, we still have to give it to Samsung's top new smartphone – its battery life is great.

Battery life(hours)Higher is better
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge8h 11 min(Average)
Motorola DROID Turbo10h 42 min(Excellent)
Motorola Moto X(2014)5h 45 min(Poor)
Samsung Galaxy S67h 14 min(Average)
HTC One M96h 25 min(Poor)
Sony Xperia Z39h 29 min(Good)
Apple iPhone 65h 22 min(Poor)
Apple iPhone 6 Plus6h 32 min(Average)
Samsung Galaxy Note48h 43 min(Good)
Samsung Galaxy S57h 38 min(Average)
LG G36h 14 min(Poor)
Full Charge(hours)Lower is better
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge1h 23 min
Motorola DROID Turbo2h 6 min
Motorola Moto X(2014)2h 56 min
Samsung Galaxy S61h 18 min
HTC One M91h 46 min
Sony Xperia Z33h 55 min
Apple iPhone 62h 27 min
Apple iPhone 6 Plus2h 51 min
Samsung Galaxy Note41h 35 min
Samsung Galaxy S52h 2 min
LG G32h

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