Orange will be offering free micro SIM adapters with the purchase of an iPhone 4

Orange will be offering free micro SIM adapters with the purchase of an iPhone 4
Apple iPad 3G owners know all too well the need for a micro SIM card when it comes to enabling them to surf on the web via 3G connectivity. Naturally Apple decided to opt for the still rarely used micro SIM format for its upcoming iPhone 4, but for those who continually switch handsets, the decision to side with the micro SIM format can prove to be a bump for most people. Some still argue that Apple could've somehow managed to accommodate the standard sized SIM card that's become so prevalent among GSM phones, but thankfully there seems to be one mobile operator who will make the transition for a lot of people easier to swallow. Orange will apparently offer customers purchasing the iPhone 4 a free micro SIM adapter which will enable them to freely continue with their habits of switching phones using the long time favorite standard. The plastic adapter essential allows you to place your micro SIM into its sized slot which can then be used on just about any other handset out there. It's nice to see that this practice is being implemented, but we'd surely like for this to sway towards other wireless carriers as well.

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