Opera Mobile 10 & Opera Mini 5 slated to be integrated with Qualcomm's Brew platform

Opera Mobile 10 & Opera Mini 5 slated to be integrated with Qualcomm's Brew platform
Opera is getting more face time with potential customers as they've announced a partnership with Qualcomm in offering to have their mobile browser pre-integrated into Qualcomm's Brew Mobile Platform. The new deal lands both Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mini 5 into the popular Brew platform that's seen mostly one Verizon's feature phones here in the US. Roy Satterthwaite, senior vice president of Opera Software in the US said that, “Opera has a strong track record of delivering a rich and compelling experience on handheld devices, and we are pleased to now be offering an easier way for handset manufacturers to deliver that experience on their Brew MP devices. We look forward to supporting the launch of Brew MP devices that feature our browsers.” Now the key items that this new initiative will offer is that it will allow developers to distribute their applications before they go ahead and launch a handset – which ultimately will reduce development time and cost. Additionally, it will be a stepping stone for Opera as potential owners of these handsets who traditionally don't surf the web on their handsets might actually see the usefulness and versatility of the web browser.

source: Opera



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