Opera Mini 6 Hands-on

Opera Mini 6 Hands-on

Opera Mini is not nearly as powerful as the Opera Mobile browser, but its latest 6th version brings a lot of exciting features to a great many platforms. We went for a quick hands-on on two Android-based devices, but the browser supports other platforms as J2ME, BlackBerries and Symbian as well.

First thing you should know about the browser is that unlike its Opera Mobile sibling, it doesn't store its core engine locally, but rather on Opera's servers, which is why the size of the browser is much smaller. While this has some advantages and allows it to run on lower-end handsets, with Opera Mini you don't get support for Adobe Flash. If you can overlook this, you'll be happy to see that it adds support for pinch-to-zoom gestures as well as quick sharing to the most popular social networks out there.

Just as with Opera Mobile, the Mini automatically recognizes the type of your device (phone/tablet) on the Android Market and downloads a proper version. The main difference is in the looks – the tablet optimized version has a conveniently located menu bar on top, not the bottom, and a simple yet effective implementation of tabbed browsing via a small pop-up. It's key advantage lies in its traffic-savvy nature – you can customize your browsing experience through the Opera Turbo mode, which compresses web pages and saves you precious bytes and bits. Check out the video below to see it in action!


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1. LXH unregistered

I've tried it for half an hour and I can say the browser in my HTC aria do a better job than Opera mini 6

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