Open sales of the OnePlus 5 are now live on the company's website

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If you're one of those people who fell in love with the OnePlus 5 but for some reason missed out on the pre-order, we have some good news: open sales for the device are now officially live worldwide. This means that from now on, orders for the device will ship immediately, with no waiting period.

While most of the world can only buy the 5 from OnePlus's own website, a few countries have some extra options as well, including through carriers and third-party storefronts. The OnePlus 5 comes in two variants: Slate Gray and Midnight Black. The latter is the more expensive option at $539, while the former is cheaper, with its price tag of $499. This is due to a slight difference in the two models' specs: the Midnight Black variant offers 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB storage, which is significantly more than its sibling's 6 GB/64 GB combo.

For the full details on the device's price in your region, however, make sure to check out our very own OnePlus 5 price guide, or go visit OnePlus's official website.

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