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Only in India: a Muslim phone tells you where Mecca is

Posted: , by Victor H.

Only in India: a Muslim phone tells you where Mecca is
Now, we’re not completely sure if the Beyon I-Tel i786 is real. It looks like it (actually Google suggests it should be called the Beyonce I-Tel i786, but that would just be weird). If it is, though - then it’s from a galaxy far far away. It is the phone for Muslims

What? Yes. Let us explain - it’s not “just another feature phone.” Tailor-made for faithfuls avoiding the iPhone, Androids or whatever other smartphone you can think of on the market for some reason, the I-Tel i786 is packed with features.

"The name of the mobile has been approved by leading Islamic scholars of India because [786] is a very auspicious number for Muslims […] And as corporate social responsibility, we are offering 2.5 percent as Zakat – a kind of Islamic tax – for an NGO that helps needy and poor Muslim children get an education," I-Tel said for tech blog Penn Olson.

Reportedly, those are not just any features - they’re of course Muslim-centric. Some on the list include the Muslim Hijri calendar, a Qibla direction finder app (that points you to Muslim’s holy Mecca), Islamic ringtones and wallpapers and a Halal meat guide among others. Now, we don’t even remember the time when ringtones and wallpapers were cool (we try not to) and it seems adding direction to the Mecca on Google Maps would fit the purpose, so why would a separate phone with that appeal to anyone? This we don’t know.

It’s arriving in India of all places on November 12th carrying a pretty affordable $60 off contract price tag. Stateside release? Don’t even ask.

source: Penn Olson

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posted on 04 Oct 2011, 05:37

1. Watcher (unregistered)

For a record, this kind of phone already exist few years ago and its not just in India. It is not a breaking news at all. It is common in Indonesia,Malaysia, middle east etc. Sighh

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 05:43

2. Yeruan (unregistered)

Nit only Beyon I-Tel i786, LG Mobile have a couple models for muslim countries with digital compass, which can tells where is Mecca. These models was modifided: LG KP500 Cookie and LG GD300

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 06:02

3. Maurice (unregistered)

Be smart and make iPhone app Mecca direction

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 06:20 2

8. theindianguy (Posts: 90; Member since: 30 Sep 2011)

dats f***ing racist man...expected some of the racists 2 show up just because of the "muslim" word.. get a life people..

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 06:31 3

9. Dapsta88 (unregistered)

"I love your Christ, but I hate your Christians, because they are so unlike your Christ."

Its scary that they stll make idiots like you. Bet you wouldn't say a word if your real name was up.

Keyboard warrior

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 06:52 4

12. Minsk (unregistered)

And you my dear sir, is certainly a lowlife of the lowest degree. Please refrain from inciting hate about a religion you only know of superficially and merely stereotyping others from that shallow knowledge of yours. Either you're an atheist or you're an isheep.

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 14:41

49. Opal (unregistered)

plz it's not a religion site if the site says a christian phone will be available do you accept that i would say bad things about christians about the us army bombing, killing children every where if a few thugs like usama bin laden were paid to do bombing its doesn't mean that muslims are terrorist and all the war crimes had the us army or the europeans committed make the christians criminals that is just non sense so plz watch your mouth and try to get out of the box and to those all who believes in any story written in any link or he might read a book its all bulls**t i can create a web site in a glimpse and wrote hundreds of fake stories and print a billion book will talk foul about christians or any other religions so as i said get out of the box

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 06:15

5. haikallp (unregistered)

@Bluedroid, what a lowlife racist. Stereotyping Muslims, dumb..

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 08:33 4

18. Bluedroid (Posts: 57; Member since: 12 Sep 2011)

@haikallp you have a father right now with you while my father was killed in a terror strike...yes my father was killed by those muslim scumbags in the 26/11 massacre at mumbai, I know how it feels to loose my father at 13, he was a very kind person at heart, he never ment to harm anyone but they just shot him in his head and left him to die, those cold hearted muslims must pay ...I hate muslims and there islam, I despise them...

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 09:37 3

22. bucky (Posts: 3113; Member since: 30 Sep 2009)

Im with you on this one.

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 10:12 1

24. hepresearch (unregistered)

So, you have decided to hate in response? Then you have learned nothing...

In my belief, Jesus taught us to love our "enemies", to pray for those who spitefully use us, and to "turn the other cheek" to the smiter...

This is just my personal opinion, but I do not think that your kind father would want you to use his memory to incite hatred toward any other person. Life is too precious, and often terribly short. It is a waste of that life to spend any minute of it hating others for any reason. If we cannot stop ourselves from choosing hate, then this world and everyone on it is doomed to a fiery destruction...

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 10:15 4

25. Riz (unregistered)

I know your feeling, I lost my Father too couple of months ago. But when a terrorist killing hundred of people and they are muslim doesn't mean that all of the muslims are terrorist. It's just like a statement "All of the Christians are murderer, because the one who bombed hiroshima was Christian" sounds weird isn't it? I'm muslim and I hate terrorist

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 11:57 2

44. theindianguy (Posts: 90; Member since: 30 Sep 2011)

exactly man...
and @bluedroid u wer 13 in 2009 so now ur of my age... and by that i mean ur still a kid man....y so much of hatred? just cuz those terrorists wer muslims? well u noe wat? not every muslim is like those people...i live in mumbai and i know wat happened dat day. and i am sorry for ur loss :(

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 12:09

45. THe Truth (unregistered)

And perhaps you and your family had killed your mom anyways because of your misogynist community practice of Sati

how about I say about persection of Muslim like in Godhra Riots or persection of Christians in Kandhamal Riots by Hindu Majority.

what do you think about it @Bluedroid? can you say all HIndus are bad?

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 13:04 2

46. Bluedroid (Posts: 57; Member since: 12 Sep 2011)

Islam in india killed millions of innocent people. Those barbarians invaded our nation and reduced it into rubble.It's nothing more than a evil cult. Check this link to know the true story

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 15:43

53. THe Truth (unregistered)

your sources looks malicious and fake,
Show me in wikipedia.Oh, I forgot, there is no worth to get arguing with you, you are like denial twats who can't reply to my questions.

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 22:55

57. Bluedroid (Posts: 57; Member since: 12 Sep 2011)

@The Truth: funny your name sounds "the truth" and here is the truth you need... check this links and it's wikipedia

posted on 05 Oct 2011, 00:05

58. Bluedroid (Posts: 57; Member since: 12 Sep 2011)

What happened in Mumbai
isn’t new. Muslims have
been slaughtering Hindus for
ten centuries.
“When Islam arrived in India, the Hindus
welcomed the Muslims with open arms as
brothers. In return Islam destroyed the
entire Hindu civilisation.
Over ten centuries the dirty Muslim rogues
murdered an estimated 100 million people.
It has been said by historians and scholars
(both eastern and western) that this is the
largest genocide the world has ever
witnessed. Muslim religious leaders
“educated ” Muslim men to rape Hindu
women as this was a method to destroy the
Hindu progency. Soon raping Hindu women
was part of what being a Muslim man was
about! Temples were razed to the ground
and villages were burned. Those who refused
to convert to islam were either murdered
(the menfolk ) or raped (the womenfolk) . All
the slutty Mughal leaders made it their goal
to wipe Hinduism from the map of the earth!They even openly stated it.I have no sympathy for Muslims. It seems that today Muslims from all corners of the world are facing hardship and problems. You only need to look at the devastation that Islam has wrecked on Hinduism to ascertain why this is happening. What goes around
eventually comes back around and this is why Muslims are suffering. I have no
sympathy or feeling for them. What angers me is that even today in India the dirty ugly
b a s t a r d s are still sucking the blood of Hindus. If Muslims think that what they are
experiencing now is bad, they haven’ t seen anything yet. The world is just gett started.Futher to the above, I disagree that the Muslims unified anything or anyone. Islamic armies marched through the world killing
men and raping women. That is the sole reason why they conquered all the lands that
they did. There is a sharp distinction between
invasion and unification. They instituted islam through coercion and violence. Before
Islam reached India, the latter was a global power. Indian influence and culture as well as exports of knowedlge (science, maths
etc) were felt throughout the world. When the evil, ugly, dirty uneducated Muslims
invaded the top half of India, all the power that India commanded was destroyed. The Muslims contributed NOTHING to the Indian
culture, intellectual establishment or
civilisation. Quite the opposite they stole
everything from us. They stole our women, they murdered our menfolk, destroyed temples etc.You say your religion is a religion of peace. But your religion teaches Muslims that non-Muslims are infidels and that they should be killed. It also teaches them that women who do not “obey” their husbands must be beaten. Most of the terrorist organisations are Muslim. Muslims are renowned as mass
murderers and terrorists. Moreover the highest religious leaders in your religion themselves use religious doctrine to justify
killings so please do not say that Islam is a religion of peace

posted on 05 Oct 2011, 12:09

64. hepresearch (unregistered)

Stupid. Nationalistic/ethnic vanity and bigotry makes me sad, and the blame-game is getting so old...

So-called "Christians" slaughtered Muslims for a few centuries during the Crusades...

You want to talk about slaughtering people? Stalin's Communist regime in the USSR slaughtered 7 million Ukranians... in one year alone! 1932-1933. They didn't have to do a whole lot either, they just guarded the fields where the food was grown and occasionally shoot someone who tried to get the food. The Soviet Union essentially declared that "eating or possessing food" was illegal in the Ukraine... they took all of the food away that they could, guarded what was still growing (and exported it to the US, England, France, etc...), and anyone who couldn't escape starved to death. 7 million people in one place, in one year.

I cannot think of anyone that cannot be blamed for something, even if that something is as simple as not speaking-out against the events... but I am not going to go around whining about it. It will just continue until everyone can find it within themselves to forgive, and drop the issue.

If you are interested in knowing how to truly stop yourself from the cycle of hatred, read "The Book of Alma", chapter 24 (here is a link);


Yes, this is from "The Book of Mormon". Rather than letting your "preachers" tell you it is "of the devil", why not try deciding for yourself whether it rings true or not. I can think of no better way to explain how to end bigotry, to end hate, and to end war forever.

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 06:17

6. turban (unregistered)

do think u idiot that osama bin laden is our leader

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 06:47 4

10. Gin (unregistered)

Man, that ain't nice. Just cause you're from Israel doesn't mean it gives you the right to look down on other religions. Come on guys! may i remind you this is phonearena? It is a site where you discuss phones and not showcase your inherent hatred for other races/religion. If you want to, you can do it somewhere else, bro! Sorry if you're offended but yeah.

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 07:04 2

13. remixfa (Posts: 14604; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

im pretty sure that because he is in Israel gives him every right. im sure he has to deal with zealot Muslims more than anyone in america.

they mention a cheap ass phone who's only feature is to help muslims find mecca. You dont think that is going to bring out the inherent hate that many people have for muslims and the terrorists that spring for them? Most muslims are nice, but there is a large group that is ruining it for the rest.

Not all muslims are terrorists.. .but all terrorists are muslims.

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 07:17 2

14. Minsk (unregistered)

Don't get me wrong, I am in no favour of these terrorists, most muslims also condemn their actions. Though I don't see a reason as to why people have to stereotype the rest of the people because of these black sheeps. And i do know the climate in Israel right now and I do believe it affects both parties equally. What I'm just saying is that we should not turn this site into another racist site. Just my two cents worth.

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 08:39 2

19. remixfa (Posts: 14604; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

racism is hating someone for the amount of melatonin in their skin, not for their religion. religion has spawned more hate than probably any other subject/object/person in history.

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 10:26 1

28. hepresearch (unregistered)

That is because there are false religions, and they are pervasive and influential. Would Jesus have asked Constantine to slaughter the first set of Christian leaders who failed to agree on doctrine at Nice? Would He have led the Crusades? Or, would He have commissioned the Inquisition? There are plenty of people out there who call themselves "Christian", but they prefer not to really know Him at all. These kinds of people exist in every "religion", regardless of whether their religion teaches the Truth or not.

False religion teaches us that we are better than other people, that we should hate people who try to harm us, and that we should not respect the rights of others to make their own choices in life. True religion teaches us not to hate anyone for any reason. It is up to us to find True religion, and to choose whether we want to follow it or not once we have found it. Granted, there will always be those who call themselves by that religion and then fail to follow it, but that is their business. I believe that we can get above this difficulty, and live by the Truth when we find it.

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 07:41

17. Rabbi Nokhri (unregistered)

So Anders Behring Breivik was a freedom fighter not a terrorist?

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 10:36 1

29. hepresearch (unregistered)

there are also terrorists who would call themselves "Christian" too... they do exist, sadly. I am sure that terrorism will not be something that can be limited to one religion/society/nationality or another... if hate is allowed to take hold of our hearts, the world will bathe in the blood of many innocent people at the hands of "terrorists" of all different persuasions...

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 07:28 1

15. Rabbi Nokhri (unregistered)

Please don't listen to him, as a Rabbi I castrated him instead of Brit Milah. So people like him can't take burden of being without gonads. So they tend to say thing like these.

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 06:50 1

11. ibap (Posts: 780; Member since: 09 Sep 2009)

The extreme practitioners of many faiths regard the Internet as Satan's invention. It isn't just Muslims, but this phone allows you to be a sheep and not have to make your own choices. Not surprising, but as the first post points out, this kind of thing is nothing new.

Go to any of the application stores / markets, search for almost any religion, and see what turns up. But then you're exposed to the Internet and all those things the ultras don't want their sheep to see or think about.

posted on 04 Oct 2011, 08:50 2

20. Bluedroid (Posts: 57; Member since: 12 Sep 2011)

To no more about the religion of peace(islam) check this link

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