Time to settle: OnePlus Watch coming sooner than we thought

Time to settle: OnePlus Watch coming sooner than we thought
Way back in 2016, we heard that manufacturer OnePlus had planned to add a smartwatch to its portfolio… but killed the idea. The company had figured that it needs to really focus its all into one product, make a name for itself, and maybe try to expand later.

Well, it seems that the time is nigh. OnePlus not only launches a total of 4 smartphone models per year right now, but it also dared venture into the realm of television sets with the OnePlus TV sold in India. Reports now claim that a OnePlus Watch is again on its way and it’s almost ready for primetime, too! According to the leak, it’ll be launched alongside the OnePlus 8, which means around May of 2020 (or later, if rumors are true).

Unfortunately, there’s not much else to tell. It will probably run Google’s WearOS and that’s all we can speculate. Will it be a round or will it be square? Well, if we take a look at the old concept sketches for the 2016 OnePlus Watch (which was scrapped), it seems the company is quite fond of the circular watchface idea. But hey, times and tastes change. We will have to wait and see.

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