OnePlus 7 Pro BIG Camera Update (Oxygen OS 9.5.7): Photos Before and After

OnePlus 7 Pro BIG Camera Update (9.5.7): Before and After
OnePlus has just pushed its huge camera update for the OnePlus 7 Pro, an update that improves the colors in photos, makes them punchier, more contrasty and just less pale and less dull.

If you are not sure whether you have that update on your OnePlus phone, go into Settings > System Update and check the Oxygen OS version. On our phone, it reads Oxygen OS 9.5.7.GM21BA after the update, and it is that number in bold that you should see in order to have the improved camera.

So... is the change really that big and should you care?

We took a few photos with the OnePlus right before updating and then repeated the same shots right after the update, which took just a few minutes. And indeed, you can see the difference. In our camera comparison that we did right after we got the OnePlus 7 Pro, we noted that the bleak colors are the biggest issue with this camera and we are very happy to see that OnePlus has addressed our concerns with this update.

Let's waste no time and take a look at the photos, so you can see the difference yourself.

Scene 1

In this first scene, the difference is not huge, but if you look closer you would notice how the leafage looks a bit more saturated and colors have just a tiny bit more punch. You would see that in other photos, the difference is quite big, but here it is a subtle difference, yet we do notice it and we would say that it is an improvement.

Scene 1 Ultra-wide Camera

Wow! What a huge difference here. The ghostly colors from the ultra-wide camera have turned to be much more saturated, much livelier and we like the resulting image a lot better. This is great news for those who use the ultra-wide camera a lot as the update truly brings a monumental change here.

Scene 1 Telephoto

The new color science with more vibrant colors and more contrast applies to photos taken with the 3X telephoto zoom lens as well, and the effect is quite pronounced.

Scene 2

Here again you can clearly see the differences as detail is better pronounced and sharper, and the photo has more contrast and more saturated colors.

Scene 3

A profound difference again, you can see the changes in action here as well. In this particular case, we prefer the result after, but we did notice that the extensive greenery in the scene through the white balance off and the whole image has a greenish tint. This is something that OnePlus said it has improved with this update, but it's clearly not perfect quite yet.

Scene 4 Portrait Mode

The portrait mode also benefits from the new colors and everything looks better livelier and overall better now in terms of color reproduction.

Final Words

OnePlus has lived up to its promise to deliver an update that will hugely improve camera quality. This Oxygen OS 9.5.7 software update fixes our biggest complaints against the OnePlus 7 Pro camera: the bleak colors that the cameras captured are now improved and appear much more lively and vibrant. The most dramatic improvement comes with the ultra-wide angle camera, which had a severe case of the bleak color illness and now it looks a lot better after the update.

We did not get to chance to compare the improvements in the Nightscape mode for the simple reason that Nightscape never worked properly on the initial software, but we will be comparing the new Nightscape against Night Modes on other phones in the near future.

Can the OnePlus 7 Pro images compare overall with the very best now? We think it's a much closer call, but we reserve the right to make a final judgment after an upcoming camera comparison. Stay tuned for that and let us know your thoughts about the new OnePlus 7 Pro camera quality in the comments below.

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