On last count, 12 000 developers are working on Windows Phone Marketplace

On last count, 12 000 developers are working on Windows Phone Marketplace
The developers working to make Windows Phone Marketplace a better place for the end consumer are now numbering 12 000 people. That's an astonishing 40% increase over last month, hinting that the stated fears that Windows Phone 7 won't be able to fight its OS foes in the application department are most likely not true on the long run.

The developers who were first to request Windows Phone 7 certification for their applications have already produced hundreds of apps and it's fair to say that with 12 000 developers working on the project, Windows Phone 7's Marketplace will encounter a rapid expand in the coming months.

Just to remind you, the first Windows Phone 7 devices are arriving on November 8th in the States, while the early signs from Europe are that Microsoft's new OS is up and running.

And now the big question – do you think that Windows Phone 7 will make it to the top? It seems likely that with so many developers Windows Phone Marketplace won't be a place short of apps in the near future. And, that aside, when it comes to apps, it's a common knowledge that it's better to have 500 good apps than 100 000 meaningless ones.

source: Fierce Developer



1. me unregistered

hey phone arena are you talking about android's marketplace? lol. i used to own samsung galaxy s but i now have omnia 7. windows phone is wayyyyyyyyyy much better than android. their apps are useful. not a copy of other apps

2. sonisoe

Posts: 440; Member since: May 06, 2009

i've used htc hero and iphone, got some hands-on on lg optima 7, windows phone 7, despite perhaps some one or two missing important features, is nothing short of astonishing - super smooth arguably better than the iphone, instantly responsive, feels fast and stable.... it's safe to say windows phone 7 is better than android, some would say than iphone....

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