Ogo - the AT&T Wireless email / sms / IM soluition

AT&T Wireless is getting ready to launch a new device dubbed the Ogo. It is basically a E-mail / SMS / Chat device which lack phone capabilities. Ogo will support AOL, MSN and Yahoo Instant messenger with emotion support.

The Ogo keypad consists of the regular QWERTY keyboard plus a 8-way navigations pad and several dedicated keys for the MailBox, Instant Messaging, Power On/Off, Compose, and home. You can press the Ogo shortcut key at any time to display a list of all your new e-mail and SMS messages, open IM chat sessions, and drafts of messages you have not yet sent.
You can also quickly have Ogo check for new e-mail from all of your IM and other e-mail
providers set up on your ogo. Highlight Send/Receive at the bottom of the Ogo pop-up and press

The 8-way navigation key consists of two “rings”. The outer rings keys are used to move between tabs while the up and down arrows scroll one page at a time (page up/down). The inner ring left and right arrows scroll left and right within a screen. Up and down arrows move
between lines in a screen.

Home Screen

This is the main screen of the Ogo.

  • Taskbar: See current message and status information in the Taskbar that is displayed at the top of each screen.
  • Mailbox: View and respond to e-mail and SMS messages, and manage received messages.
  • Instant Messaging (IM): Send instant messages and chat with your IM
  • Compose: Select Compose to write an e-mail or an SMS message.
  • Contacts: Set up contacts and contact information for e-mail and SMS. You can also add contacts that do not have e-mail or SMS addresses. Contacts for IM are separate.
  • My Status: See which IM communities you are logged onto. You can also check your e-mail.
  • Help: Access live Help chat and other information resources.
    Settings and Device: Set the date and time and choose settings for pop-ups and other display items.

The top part of the screen is saved for the task bar. It displays information about systems status, new messages, keyboard CAP and ALT functions.


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