Official teaser hints at Samsung Galaxy S7 water resistance

With MWC 2016 just around the corner, Samsung is currently busy teasing the heck out of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. While we think we already know nearly everything that there is to know about Samsung's upcoming flagships, the manufacturer has all but confirmed one very important feature.

In a video recently posted by Samsung on Twitter, we're presented with a situation that some unlucky smartphone owners know all too well: a woman drops her phone on the ground, which then rolls into a pool. Once the phone is picked up, the video cuts to a text reading “Change your idea of what a phone can handle on 2.21.16 #TheNextGalaxy". Head on over to the source link below to check out Samsung's teaser for yourself.

To us, this seems almost definitive proof that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge will offer resistance against the elements. Note that this wouldn't be an entirely new feature for the Samsung Galaxy S series: the Galaxy S5 came with IP67-certified dust and water resistance. 

Last year when Samsung introduced a new glass-and-metal sandwich design for the Galaxy S6, the manufacturer dropped the feature, but it looks like water/dust resistance is making a comeback with the upcoming Galaxy S7.

Speaking of comebacks, a recent leak appears to confirm that the Galaxy S7 will bring back microSD card support, a feature that many missed on the Galaxy S6, but which has been available on all of the previous Galaxy S smartphones.

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source: Samsung



1. PapaSmurf

Posts: 10457; Member since: May 14, 2012

Can't wait to see it in person. My body is ready.

31. Modest_Moze

Posts: 184; Member since: Mar 23, 2015

In person? Your body is ready? Are you seriously going to eat it?

2. Mreveryphone

Posts: 1817; Member since: Apr 22, 2014

Only a few more days...I already took advantage of the $30 128gb sd card sale on Amazon in anticipation...

22. Clars123

Posts: 1078; Member since: Mar 16, 2015

what speed class is it if I may ask?

24. j2001m

Posts: 3061; Member since: Apr 28, 2014

Please note this is why Samsung is not using type c USB, that and you get nothing for using it, they all run on USB 2.0 including 6p Normal customer can not deal with this, lg are going to have big problems

3. Landon

Posts: 1244; Member since: May 07, 2015

The S7 will fortunately be A LOT prettier of a phone than the S5. Lets just hope there's no plug for the charge port area.

4. Clars123

Posts: 1078; Member since: Mar 16, 2015

considering the S6 active doesn't have one and flaps are kinda ugly I'm sure Samsung wont put one on the S7

8. joeytaylor

Posts: 957; Member since: Feb 28, 2015

I thought the flap dressed up the huge 3.0 port

7. bur60

Posts: 981; Member since: Jul 07, 2014

There won't be any flaps

29. Switch00

Posts: 536; Member since: Sep 04, 2013

Thats your opinion. By my opinion s5 was best looking yet, s7 included. No need to get excited about s7 though. Just slightly upgraded previous model - not to mention the no sd card slot debacle (apple wannabe waking up) in s6.

5. Unordinary unregistered

Hopefully to protect it from all the tears of joy

6. Dee79

Posts: 307; Member since: Jun 19, 2014

Just hope the S8 edge + will have the ir blaster, miss having that with my S6 edge + , and of course why not add the water resistant.

9. DRS1977

Posts: 679; Member since: May 27, 2015

Why didn't you guys comment on the Live Photo feature as well?

14. shaineql

Posts: 522; Member since: Apr 28, 2014

Been there since S5 on samsung phones , nothing special.

18. Unordinary unregistered

He probably didn't notice since no one bought the S5 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

23. NoToFanboys

Posts: 3231; Member since: Oct 03, 2015

Sure, 12 million+ is "no one"

21. Ordinary

Posts: 2454; Member since: Apr 23, 2015

S4 actually

10. milos

Posts: 68; Member since: Oct 29, 2012

any word on IR blaster on new S7, S7 edge? its a must have !

12. geordie8t1

Posts: 287; Member since: Nov 16, 2015

I cant see it tbh, i miss having the IR blaster as well but i think there just wasnt enough outcry when it was removed, removing the SD card was by far the biggest mistake samsung did on the S6/edge, battery was a big deal and after that, the IR port was a considerable way down the demand scale.....fingers crossed but unlikely i feel...

11. elhombre

Posts: 7; Member since: Jan 20, 2016

Just better up the software departement and stop using f***ing glas for the back already!!

15. Jason2k13

Posts: 1459; Member since: Mar 28, 2013

Wont matter too much about glass back aslong as the design looks good, because most people put a case on their phones. If you don't use cases then you're just a minority that Samsung wont care too much about.

16. keithtae

Posts: 564; Member since: Mar 25, 2015

Dont even put a case on my s6 edge+. It's a nice design, why cover it up?

13. Wiencon

Posts: 2278; Member since: Aug 06, 2014

Something tells me this will be great year for smartphones

17. milos

Posts: 68; Member since: Oct 29, 2012

S6 has IR blaster.

19. Xperia14

Posts: 1208; Member since: Sep 01, 2015

Looks like the S7 will be a great phone. Well done Samsung.

20. Trakker

Posts: 283; Member since: Feb 11, 2016

Can't wait to get the phone, but if the S8 is a letdown like the S6 I'll be keeping the S7 for 2 years, and as a heavy user i'm seriously worried about battery life after that time.

32. S.R.K.

Posts: 678; Member since: Feb 11, 2016

Buy a mini powerbank that has 1000Mah, and is 3-3-1=Lw..

25. Dboyfresh831

Posts: 11; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

I got to play with the s7 today at work I work for a national retailer for cell phones. Samsung rep brought it in and it was nice. It is ip87 certified. Water resistant and dust proof. No flap covering the micro USB port. Supports adaptive Wireless fast charging, 12 my dual lens camera. 1.7 aperture. Samsung Rep that brought it in said Samsung partnered with Canon on the lens. Colors are black onyx, platinum, and gold. 5.5 inch 7 edge will launch with it. Does have always on feature and the battery is 3000 mah with the 7 edge 3500 mah.

26. Dboyfresh831

Posts: 11; Member since: Feb 17, 2016

*12 mp dual pixel camera

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