Obama has few options to replace his BlackBerry

Obama has few options to replace his BlackBerry
Our new president has a major addiction. Although this habit is 100% legal, Federal authorities are forcing him to end the addiction by going cold turkey. Of course, we are referring to Barack Obama's love for his BlackBerry phone. Because information on RIM's devices can be stolen by hackers, and because encryption solutions offered by RIM are not up to government standards, the 44th president must turn off his 'Berry and use devices that are approved for use by the proper authorities. One model approved by the NSA is a combination phone-PDA from General Dynamics called "Sectera Edge". Looking like a thicker relative to the Palm Treo 750, this device connects with GSM and CDMA networks and Wi-Fi using interchangeable modules. Running on a version of Windows Mobile, it will allow for Top Secret phone calls, e-mails and web browsing. Now we know that everyone drops their cellphone at least once. This model is made to survive a 4 foot fall onto concrete (sounds familiar), is waterproof and dustproof. With this model, even the president will have to do a battery pull to put in a microSD card. If Obama is not happy with that unit, L-3 is working on "The Guardian" which has a v-shaped keyboard with QWERTY, runs Windows and can be used on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile in the U.S. and Worldcell internationally. Both phones are the result of project SME-PED which was designed to find a secure replacement for BlackBerry phones. So do you think being the president means that you get a cool new phone as a perk?

source: CNET via EngadgetMobile

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