Nuance's T9 Trace offers Swype-like text input

Nuance's T9 Trace offers Swype-like text input
Looking past the traditional ways of inputting text on touchscreen phones, Nuance is looking to separate itself in the that front by announcing their new T9 Trace input method. Similar to what we've seen already with the Swype keyboard, Nuance's T9 Trace allows you to trace a path on a touchscreen to come up with a word. It'll even add support for over 70 languages and will be integrated with XT9 to really provide a level of experience that aims to simplify the sometime laborious task of typing on a touchscreen phone. Even though they've made the announcement about it, Nuance has yet come out to say which phones will be the first to offer T9 Trace – although it should be noted that more than four billion handsets currently rely on mobile solutions from the company. We'll see if T9 Trace takes off as they will compete directly with Swype right out of the gates when it's finally made available.

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1. nathandavid13

Posts: 6; Member since: Jul 22, 2009

Well, there is already another keyboard like this, it's called ShapeWriter Keyboard. and it's available on the android market. (it is designed for the htc hero and the droid eris so far and it is only in beta form right now)

2. Kiltlifter

Posts: 742; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Who makes it though? Nuance is a huge name in the communication industry, and Swype was created by the guy who wrote T9 in the first place, so those two options will garner attention and brand dominance as they have a proven record of success. The shapeWriter may be new as an alternative, but it may not have all the expertise that is available with Swype and Nuance.

3. Kyle unregistered

anyone wanting to getting dirty start up business from nothing but a little knowledge, i need some one with company connections to text input methods and also registering a new android phone application

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