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Galaxy Note 9 tipped to be a tad smaller than Note 8

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Galaxy Note 9 tipped to be a tad smaller than Note 8
Infinity Display design or not, let's face it, a 6.3" panel makes for a huge handset, no matter the screen aspect ratio, how much Samsung has trimmed the bezels of the Note 8, or curved its sides. 

That is why it's refreshing to hear a tip that its successor, the Note 9, might be shorter, but probably retain its width. While the phone is narrow enough to peruse across with one hand in fair comfort, it's very tall, so chopping off its top and bottom bezels further is welcome news when it comes to handling or carrying. While "2mm shorter than its predecessor" may not sound like much, any little bit counts for daily usage in these times of 6-inchers taking over.

The thing is, however, that the Note 9 is also rumored to finally be equipped with a larger battery than the usual pack. Previous leaks pegged it at 4000 mAh, compared to the current 3300 mAh unit in the Note 8, which is a big jump in capacity, and might account for a thicker handset. To wit, we might be looking at a shorter, slightly chubbier Note 9 come August, which is not a bad thing especially if the design choice returns better battery life.

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